I’m skeptical that personal choice can save the planet from its myriad maladies but today I:

  1. Walked my kids to school.
  2. Composted the remains of the Passover food I can no longer bear to even consider eating.
  3. Put on my sweater instead of the heat.
  4. Turned on the computer to write about Earth Day and personal responsibility.

Earlier this week, I read the New York Times article about Paul Kingsworth, an activist who has come to accept climate change as inevitable. The article has kept me thinking. To my ears, Kingsworth’s perspective is depressing, probably correct, and very troubling.

What should we do knowing environmental degradation is likely to continue and even increase? Keep fighting? Make small changes we know we can achieve? Lobby for bigger ones, even those we know are unlikely? Go into mourning? Pour another drink?

One thing is for certain: On Earth Day we should celebrate. There are successes to recognize. Natural beauty abounds. Today, I’ll appreciate the splendor and resilience of the earth, the weeds clawing through cracks in sidewalks, and the tree outside my window erupting in pink.

If it weren’t raining, I’d probably be out in the woods or on the beach. Since it’s an indoor kind of day, I’ll try to make some progress on my writing.

Fiction writing is the perfect place for warnings and better worlds, a slow, introspective space for reflection. Maybe a contemplative celebration is in order today.