ImageGive up your dryer. Your clothes will last longer.

Your clothes will smell like flowers and sunshine.

Your children will dance among the daisies while you cast svelte shadows on the lawn, sending your neighbors into fits of envy.

You’ll save the planet and save money.

The god(s) of your choice will smile down on you with rays of ethereal light.

We’ve all heard the line drying propaganda and it’s pretty compelling.

I’ve recently had the chance to switch to line drying and I really like it. Sort of. I’m definitely digging the eco-righteousness, but, okay, in the privacy of my blog, I need to share a few downsides.

  • The underwear conundrum. It’s embarrassing to display lacey thongs on the line. Equally embarrassing to hoist a pair of granny panties. There’s no way to win this one.
  • Nothing beats sun-fresh sheets… except warm, fluffy towels from the dryer.
  • Weather reports are useless. I’m in Scotland. It’s always about to rain.
  • There are better things to do outside. Sure, hanging laundry gets me outdoors, but instead of pinning clothes to a line, I could be walking to town for ice cream, or running on the beach while my dryer progresses through spin cycles.
  • Line drying uses energy, too. My energy.
  • All that fresh air and manual labor makes me hungry, which means extra snacks. Every snack I consume had to be grown, harvested , packaged, shipped… After a granola bar, apple and cheese slice, I find myself wondering whether I’m actually sparing the earth any pollution.
  • Crispy T-shirts.
  • Pigeons on the line are very charming. Their poop on my socks? Not so much.

I’ll keep using the line. If I didn’t, I’d feel too guilty every time I walked by, but, tell me the truth– Am I wasting my time line drying? Saving the planet? At least helping my favorite jeans last a few more months?

Or am I fool to hold out? Clothes are so cheap these days. I could skip laundry altogether and simply replace all of my dirty items with spanking new ones on a regular basis.  That would at least be good for the economy, right?