Every time I see the Sherwin Williams logo, I wince.

Does the idea of covering the earth with paint actually appeal to anyone, anywhere? Mural artists, maybe.

Sherwin-Williams Logo

Sherwin-Williams Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia

People seem to love Sherwin Williams paint, though, and no one complains that the company is threatening to smother the planet. I haven’t heard concerns about a paint company, one that will come to your home to advice you on interior decorating, with an aesthetic that suggests a 1950s horror movie, either.

So, what do people like about this logo, besides for its vintage (could it be knowingly ironic?) consistency?

Here’s one unlikely theory: Maybe Sherwin Williams’ logo actually appeals to the urge to protect the earth. Sure, the logo shows a paint can dumping red on the globe, but the words suggest a blanket.  Something protective.

Anyway, I’m not sure a coat of paint is any worse than a dense network of roads and highways, miles of garbage on land and sea, or carbon emissions, all covering the earth as we speak.

Maybe Sherwin Williams is a super-environmentalist company forcing the public to confront what we’re already doing.

Or maybe normal people just like the color red. They see the Sherwin Williams logo and think, “Red might be a cute color for my front hallway.”

Yep, normal people like Sherwin Williams.  Bloggers, though, seem to share my inability to read a logo any way except literally.

Comment if you can demystify the appeal of this logo, please.

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