Several of you expressed some skepticism about my commitment to internet-free living after my last blog post in which I belittled people hiking the Appalachian Trail with their eyes glued to their smart phones.

To prove my purity, I’ve decided to spend a week (gasp!) off the internet.  Film-makers, take note.  I’m available for documentaries, reality TV shows and even Youtube appearances.

I fully expect to spend the week in the moment, tuned in to the pleasures of face-to-face interactions, enjoying quiet, undistracted time, and watching leaves unfurl outside my window.

You, too, can experience the benefits of my week unplugged.  Just follow this blog.

On the off chance that TV crews don’t materialize, I’ll do my part to keep the world informed about this grand experiment.  Look out for hourly twitter updates (Sack of roving wool and un-crafty internet-free preschooler’s Mom #TwoThingsThatDontMixWell), photos on Pinterest (felted laptop cover and matching cell phone sack*), Facebook status updates (“is missing all the photos of wineglasses in scenic locations”) and daily blog posts (“Another Humorless Musing Due to Lack of Awareness of Social Trends to Riff On”).

It’s going to be a fun week.**

*Like a certain friend who ate an entire KFC family meal before jumping into a juice cleanse, in preparation for my internet diet, I’ve already started an orgy of web-surfing.  Roving wool + dishsoap + water= felt!

** Disclaimer: I’m not actually going to even attempt to spend the week away from the internet.  I’ve got too much important stuff going on, like a long instant queue on Netflix and several sitcom episodes set to expire on Hulu.