A lot of people have been asking me what my novel is about.  Here’s my one sentence summary:

It’s exactly like Downton Abbey except set in America. 

Everyone loves Downton Abbey.  It’s on PBS, so it’s good for you.  Still, it’s basically a trashy soap opera with lots of eye candy.  The fashion.  The actors.  The house.  You might not admit to watching Gossip Girls, but you can proudly proclaim your affection for Downton Abbey to even your most intellectual and cosmopolitan friends.  Personally, every time I begin to suspect the show is poorly disguised pulp, Lord Grantham’s dogs win me back with their nobility and quiet devotion.

Which brings us back to my book, Drowning Cactus.  It features a dog, Loaner, who is as charming as Lord Grantham’s dogs, if scrawny, bedraggled and worm-infested.

Okay.  Drowning Cactus has very little in common with Downton Abbey.  It completely lacks a great house, any scheming servants or even useful instructions on the proper way to dress for dinner.  I guess I need another one sentence summary.

Let’s try: It’s basically a prequel to the Hunger Games.  A real page-turner, but with no bows or arrows, few games and very little hunger. 

Other ideas?  The key here is to think of some very successful book, movie, album, art movement, culinary style…  Really, you don’t need to know anything about my book.  You supply the widely appealing point of comparison.  If you want, I’ll even provide the vague adjectives linking said comparison point to Drowning Cactus.

It’s a lot like Argo, but without the CIA plot.  Suspenseful and thought-provoking.

It’s a lot like that Gotye Song Now You’re Just Somebody That I Used to Know.  Just as catchy, but less tragic and melodious.

Go ahead.  Try one.  Feel free to promote your favorite business or yourself.

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Drowning Cactus is coming out July 26th.  Clink on BUY MY BOOK, above, for more information.