I sat by quietly while you maligned butter.  I kept my mouth shut when you trash-talked fruit juice.  I’m on board with the scorn for soda.  But gluten?

As a lactose-intolerant, semi-vegetarian who avoids eating over-fished and high-mercury marine life, attempts to buy organic and despises perfectly good fruit that’s been coated in wax (ick!), I really need my gluten!  Beans, rice and gluten.  That’s basically my diet.  Oh, and dark chocolate.

Sure, some of you might call me a hypocrite.  I can just hear you protesting:  No bacon?!  No spicy tuna rolls?!  No waxy-apple glazed wild cod with pesticide-laden herbed carrot cream sauce?!  What’s wrong with this woman!*

But, for once, my ill-informed, emphatic opinion is backed up by science.  http://business.time.com/2013/03/13/why-were-wasting-billions-on-gluten-free-food/

Well, maybe the study TIME cites was sponsored by wheat growers.  I’m not sure but I’d place my bets that an interest group was behind this so-called science.

I didn’t bother reading the article.  And neither should you.  Far better to take your truth from inexpert but pithy blog declarations.

Gluten.  It’s as essential to healthful living as single origin 70% chocolate.

* I recognize that some people have genuine health issues related to gluten consumption and I’m glad more and more gluten-free options are available for them.  It’s the rest of you gluten haters I’m picking a fight with.  Just don’t fight back.  I’m fairly weak and slow due to my gluten-heavy diet.