Apparently, a lot of my eco-minded readers had some strong words to share with Lavado Verde about his recent guest post on my blog.  Due to an unfortunate incident, Lavado is currently hopitalized, but,  contractually obligated ever dedicated to promoting his fiction, he has asked me to post the following response to your emails.  He also asked that you please remove your picket signs from his lawn.


Several people have written objecting that my prior post failed to address questions about “selling out.”

For those just joining the conversation, The Society for Convenient and Affordable Methane (S.C.A.M.) and The Research Academy for Select Hydration (T.R.A.S.H.) are generously sponsoring my next fiction effort.

Some blog followers have objected that no self-respecting environmentalist would accept cash from frackers.  S.C.A.M., though, has always loudly proclaimed itself pro-environment.  Who am I to argue with such a large, well-financed organization?  Especially one with such a diligent team of attorneys and strong men on retainer? As I’ve learned, arguing with them is ill-advised.

And, kind readers, you should take my word that S.C.A.M. is pro-environment.  You won’t win an argument to the contrary.  S.C.A.M. has been aggressively tracking down and silencing rebutting critics of this blog.

And to all those writers out there who have contacted me hoping to get in on the sponsorship action, my one piece of advice would be to read your contract carefully before signing.  And make sure you understand the jargon.  One humble writer’s idea about  the meaning of a phrase like “gag order” might be wholly different from the meaning a pack of goons on retainer attributes to those same words.

Ahem.  I continue to be grateful for my ready supply of bottled water.